Why Partner With Us?

We lead the industry with our hiring time

Generally, reviewing resumes, assessing candidates and communicating with the shortlisted top talent can take a lot of time, leading to loss of business for your company. But with our tested and refined hiring process, you can close your next hire in 10-14 days depending on the profile. This is lesser- by a great margin- than the current average hire time of 28 days across the world.

Our candidate screening is smart

Our team of expert recruiters have read every book, blog and bible there is on recruiting. As masters of human psychology, they know what to look for in a candidate and the required tests to conduct for every particular recruitment need from your company.

With us, you can reach out to top candidates

Often, companies like candidates who are simply too good for a position with their brilliant work record and distinguished skills. The problem with these star hires is that they almost always have multiple offers. To rope these super-achievers for your company, our recruiters follow a carefully planned communication process that makes this kind of talent hireable.

We listen to you carefully

The first and most important quality our recruiters are trained in, is listening hard to what you are saying. And so you will often find them asking you questions to gather all your rigorous requirements. Our recruiters also take your feedback very seriously in order to find a better candidate who suits your needs.

Get access to ready candidate pipeline for popular profiles

Starting from scratch to fill every job vacancy means wasting a lot of time. So our sourcers have built- with a lot of hard work- a pipeline of worthy candidates for certain high demand job sectors who can be sent to fill your needs instantaneously.

We develop your employer brand

Think about how easy hiring would be if all and only the right candidates sent you their resume as soon as a vacancy opened? Pretty convenient, we agree. To make this happen, we extensively educate our candidates about the business, work culture and benefits of all our clients, so minimum time is required to hire whenever an opportunity opens.

Our positive hiring process ensures minimum turnovers

All candidates who have worked with us will certify that our hiring process is straightforward and engaging. This is important for your company to know because it translates into happier hires for you. According to a research study by a leading recruitment analyst, 15% of job-seekers with a positive hiring experience put more effort into the position.

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