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If your business needs human capital, we can help you hire better. Primo Hiring Solutions is the leading recruitment consultant in the Noida region.

No matter which department you need to fill, our team will find the right person for it.

Our recruitment consultants help companies in Noida quicken and improve their hiring process. We look forward to working with you.

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Why Choose Primo Hiring As Your Recruitment Consultants?

1. Get access to superior talent

We pick star candidates who not only possess the skills you need but also have the potential to adapt themselves & your organization to the changing world.

2. Outsource hiring activities to experts

For us, hiring the right people is a priority. Our experience of pre-employment testing and closing 700+ openings will generate infallible hiring results for you.

3. Achieve higher acceptance rates

Our selective reach to the top 1% star candidates helps us build relations to uncover their aspirations and increase acceptance rates above industry averages.

Services We Provide

Businesses of all sizes and industries in Noida use our  recruitment consulting expertise to find professionals with the right skills, who fit their organisations’ needs. We use assessment science to test candidates on over 200+ skills and competencies (like strategic thinking, integrity, etc.) to ensure dependability.

Primo performs executive search for clients regularly, to help them find the right leader and accelerate organizational growth. Our time-efficient expert advising process can save you more than 11-16 lakhs per executive hire.

Using sourcing channels that offer massive visibility like newspaper advertisements, social media recruiting and referral networks, our agency offers smart bulk recruitment services in Noida to deliver exceptional results, in cases where clients want to hire for mass recruitment.

To benefit from our efficiency  and expertise in hiring, clients in Noida often transfer their recruitment process to our consultants’ dependable hands. We help such clients acquire talent for some of the most challenging and complex positions through our proprietary technological resources and precise decision making.

What Our Hiring Statistics Say

How Companies Rate Working With Us?

93% of our clients rate our services ‘great’ or ‘excellent’.

How long our candidates work at our partner companies?

  • <1 Year
  • 1-3 Years
  • 3-5 Years
  • >5 Years

81% of the candidates we recommend choose to stay at the firm for more than an year, with 58% staying for 3 years or more.

Questions We Frequently Answer

1. Which industries does Primo specialize in?

We regularly receive recruiting requirements in Noida from clients in over 20 industries like Financial Services, Education, Transportation & Logistics, etc, which our skilled recruiters are always willing to fulfill. Even if your industry not a part of our list, feel free to contact us to share your recruiting needs.

2. How is Primo Hiring different from other recruitment consultants in Noida?

Our placement agency is adept at using advanced technological tools to gauge not just a candidate’s intellectual abilities but also his psychological background to ensure that only the right person is chosen for a job. The Primo Hiring team has learnt to deliver faster than most others in the industry, by optimising our screening, interviewing and decision-making processes that leaves our clients happy and satisfied with the results.

3. How does Primo assure the quality of its candidates?

We know that human capital is an investment you can’t afford to get wrong. So we screen each of our candidates with precision and sincerity on multiple parameters like education, experience, soft skills, personality, communicative ability, etc. Our recruiters strongly believe that the key to right kind of hiring is finding the employee whose aspirations and goals align with the client’s.

4. How much does Primo charge from its clients?

Our sourcing, screening, interviewing, negotiating and other ancillary services are together charged at 8-12% of the employees annual CTC, in accordance to set industry standards.

The right compensation package is crucial to bring out the best performance, be it for the candidates we recommend or for ourselves. Clients can request additional services like background checks.

Looking To Hire Candidates?

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Examples Of Our Successful Candidate Searches In Noida

In a project that our recruitment team once handled, we were required to find backend executives for a UK based KPO firm. In particular, our consultants were to find qualified and skilled backend operators with experience in MIS. The company required us to find 6 candidates within a short span of 25 days. Two critical requirements of this manpower hunt were the availability of candidates who would we willing to work in a UK time shift, i.e, 1 pm to 9 pm. And second, the candidates had to handle inbound calls from UK, implying the need for high proficiency in English communication.

Our placement agnecy extensively sourced desirable candidates and produced a shortlist of 11 star performers, 6 of whom are since then working with the client.

One of our assignments was to help a major real estate developer find the ideal accounts executive. They required a qualified accounts executive with at least 5 years of experience. The multinational firm operates in US and India, among 7 other countries. And so, the client needed the accountant to report weekly to a senior manager based in US. This particular project was complex because not only did we require the candidate to possess suitable accounting experience and knowledge from Indian IFRS standards because the firm also required the candidate to possess such knowledge as per US based GAAP standards.   

Keeping these challenges in mind, our recruitment team conducted 37 preliminary and final interviews to close the position in 11 days.

What is our Recruitment Process?


The company shares a detailed job profile of the open position with us.


We source, using an extensive data bank that we maintain to find the right candidates quickly. To ensure you don’t lose out on skilled candidates, our agency has formed firm connections with placement cells of premier educational institutions in Noida. For infallible results, a time period of 2-7 days will be required, depending on the position and other requirements.


We screen the candidates in Accounting, Marketing, IT and 30 other functional areas by administering proprietary online and in-office assignments and conducting telephonic interviews, and shortlist the top 1% candidates.

Candidates are tested on 200+ hard & soft skills like AutoCAD, Data Modeling, C++, Photoshop, etc. to provide you with dependable, action-oriented employees, who are masters in their field.


We share details about work experience and skill set of the suitable candidates with the client. For candidate security and to enable an unbiased selection, personally identifiable information of candidates will not be made available at this stage by our recruitment consultancy.


The client intimates their interest in some/all candidates to our agency along with feedback on candidate performance.


We arrange the interview for client, based on mutual convenience of client and candidate and remain the mediator of communication after until the final decision has been made about the selection of the said employee. The contact information of the candidates can be made available upon the request of the client.


After the interview, the client communicates information about the selected candidates and their joining date to us and shares the appointment/offer letter of the selected candidate with us.


Clients Speak

Primo finds candidates much quicker than other consultants. They closed our last position for a liaison officer in only two weeks. We’re very happy with both the employee’s and Primo’s performance.

– Operations Head of a leading classified listing portal in India

Primo’s recruiters are always willing to listen to our needs or questions. Really professional and polite people. They found us our senior finance manager and we love him.  

– VP, Human Resources of a data analytics company in Noida

They find suitable candidates for even very challenging positions that our business requires. One of our employee they recommended is skilled in more departments than what we hired him for. That’s a huge plus since our company is a startup.

– HR Manager of a management consulting firm in Noida

Top Professions in Noida

Noida is one of the premier cities for companies looking to invest in human capital and job seekers alike. Candidates can find a booming career path and companies can find the right people to perform key roles for their business here, particularly in these sectors.


For any job seeker looking to make his mark in the field of information technology, Noida offers opportunity like few other cities in India.

Developer and designer based jobs are most easily affected by talent scarcity. But filling these specialized engineering positions in Noida is easy with help from recruitment consultants due to major knowledge spillovers in the city. Due to the close proximity of the firms in the area, manpower of different firms get to network and ideas spread quickly, promoting healthy competition and development of advanced skills.


Noida offers a huge scope for temporary staffing and freelancing jobs due to the dominance of technological sector in the area which frequently faces loss of worker productivity. Staffing agencies are also abundantly available here, that fulfill the responsibility of pre-employment testing and verification very quickly, much like recruitment consultants do.

For companies, hiring freelancers through placement consultants is a great way to prevent employee burnout and contain costs as firms can save on payroll taxes, health and other company benefits along with administrative costs. In contrast to established perception, businesses often find such contract or temporary staff more efficient and productive.


This is another sector that has emerged to be a successful driver of jobs in the country and particularly in Noida. A large number of BPO agencies operate in Noida and they are increasingly rebuilding their workforce to find replacement for overworked staff, opening up vacancies in large numbers with recruitment consultants in Noida. The city acts as an ideal destination for this due to the abundance of young professionals migrating to the city with graduate and postgraduate degrees.


With the rise of the FMCG and retail sector in India, marketing jobs have opened in double digits with placement agencies as firms fight to capture the market for better visibility and customer-loyalty. Noida, with its export houses and cheap rental costs houses a large number of such companies that can value their marketing talent.

The diversity and depth of manpower found in Noida provide the perfect avenue for companies to hire marketing executives who need to be creative, action-oriented, risk taking and genuinely motivated to work.


Business development and technical sales executive are high in demand across the year in Noida. This is because the city is dominated by companies involved in the technology business, where B2B networking plays a crucial role. Moreover, with greater consumer awareness and increasing need for creative and powerful sales plans, most companies today are on the lookout for motivated personnel who can negotiate well and meet deadlines.

Insights and Trends from Noida's Hiring Market

Attracting, hiring and retaining the best performing candidates has always been a tough task for even the best performing businesses. This problem is actualised as a competitive advantage by firms who understand or hire recruitment consultants who can understand the skill gap in the business and can find the right people to bridge that gap.

With the rapid increase in digitisation and automation in India, applying to jobs has never been easier for candidates and only recruiters who have access to the right technology and psychological expertise can help boost their client’s growth by attracting top talent to them.


With falling unemployment in India and particularly in the Delhi NCR region, a talent war has been waging in most industries like technology, retail and healthcare. To find high quality candidates for key roles in business, firms need to look past simple agency practices like keyword matching and a job description based approach to hiring.

Instead, they need to look for placement agencies who can not only pro-actively source candidates but also build relations with the star performers to convert their offers into acceptance. Such talent management strategy can boost manpower engagement and reduce the resource-draining turnovers drastically.


The pool of talent in cities like Noida is particularly inviting. In a world where consumers are demanding time defined and customised services, business need placement agencies that can find action-oriented, flexible and innovative employees who can guide the firm through the tunnel.

The focus should be on such manpower who can adapt to changes in technology and rules of career progression. Workforce in Noida scores high on such parameters with high learning agility because of the abundance of jobs here and in nearby regions like Gurgaon thats gives scope for career experimentation and also due to the availability of placement consultants who make the switch possible.


Not only attracting, but engaging that manpower to retain them in the long run is a tall task ahead of businesses today. A good employer branding, transparency during the selection process, respectful communication, use of smart tech tools, all create a positive impact on an employee’s mind that is undoubtedly beneficial for companies if they see the employee as a part of the larger consumer group.

Hiring the right person for that key role is not an easy task, but with the right people in your chosen recruitment agency and a prime location like Noida, its possible to identify the top candidates and bring them on board to benefit your business.

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