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If you’re looking to build your business’ manpower, we and this city’s pool of talent have a lot to offer. Gurgaon’s skilled and flexible workforce and a thriving recruitment consulting industry are hospitable for businesses of all industries and sizes.

Accelerate and strengthen your hiring process with Primo Hiring, the best recruitment consultants in Gurgaon.

We know that human capital is a crucial investment for every business that you can’t afford to get wrong. Our recruitment services will help you find reliable talent who will fit your organisation well.

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Why Choose Primo Hiring As Your Recruitment Consultants?

We are always eager to listen to our client’s needs. After contacting us, you can rest assured.

1. We let you take the call

You can rely on our recruitment consultants’ expertise and intent to guide you to the right candidates, but we’ll give you your space in decision-making.

2. Our screening is extensive

The candidates we recommend are screened with precision and sincerity, with higher benchmarks than just the job description.   

3. We deliver quick

Your phone will ring from Day 1! Our short 11-20 days closing time will ensure you keep your business running.

Industries We Have Served

We know every business needs intellectual people, who are willing to take the initiative and are unfailingly reliable. Our help to companies in the advertising, consulting, client relationship management, customer service and information management space in finding such quality employees makes them reach their goals faster.

We regularly serve conglomerates operating in the food, beverage, cosmetics and toiletries field in Gurgaon to provide them with manpower that is trained, skilled, and willing to work for the CPG industry in the longer run.

Knowing that this sector constantly requires engineers and scientists to innovate and renovate, our placement team at Primo is adept at finding technical individuals which are high in demand, in the energy and utilities sector.

Given that the banking and financial sector undergoes constant innovation, our recruitment consultancy helps clients in this industry hire professionals that aren’t just good with numbers but can also comprehend new technologies.

With no room for negligence or lapses here, we know that recruiting employees in this industry is also a high stake job. Our recruiters are constantly on the lookout for young, academically inclined employees who possess on-the-job experience.

We have helped premier academic and training institutes in Gurgaon in hiring qualified faculty and other workforce who can work to satisfy organizational goals and be loyal to the institution in the longer run.

Implementing a recruiting structure in the television, print, radio, films, art, design, gaming and digital content segments of this industry is not an easy task. But our recruitment consultants consistently provides the industry with manpower, specially in senior roles to guide them through the disruption.

Hiring for this sector entails massive challenges due to unionisation and lack of training, on-job satisfaction and promotional incentives, yet recruiters at Primo have consistently exceeded client expectations by finding candidates that will help their companies create a positive impact on people.

Given the turnover crisis in the retail industry, we are helping clients find flexible and productive employees that are engaged in their business and can sustain the pressure of delivering the best customer experience repeatedly.

We help technology companies of all sizes, gain a competitive edge and prevent revenue losses by attracting and retaining top talent in a never ending phase of talent crunch in the industry that could otherwise hurt product development.

Our talent helps conglomerates in this industry to optimize on their operations by hiring skilled and flexible workforce that is comfortable in working in even remote locations and in other services like outsourcing and retiree hiring.

Our team helps clients in this industry find the hard to find young and qualified professionals who are open to work for long hours, even away from home and willing to go above and beyond for the customer.

With the constant need to innovate and meet growth forecasts in this industry, we help clients hire talent whose career goals align with working in the travel and hospitality sector in the long run and are ready to take business to the next level by using newer ideas like digital interaction.

Our Hiring Metrics

Average Time Taken to Close A Position

  • <7 days
  • 7-14 days
  • >14 days

We close 75% of our positions in less than 14 days.


  • <3
  • 3-6
  • >6

45% offers our candidates receive are made after less than 3 interviews.

Questions You May Have About Us

1. How does Primo charge for its services? 

Our sourcing, screening, interviewing, negotiating and other ancillary services are charged at 8-12% of the employees annual CTC, in accordance to set industry standards. Clients can request additional services like background checks. Knowing that 95% employees report compensation as important for job satisfaction, a good salary package benefits both parties involved.

2. What guarantee does Primo place on the candidates it finds? 

With our emphasis on creating a positive recruiting experience and cultural fitness, we have managed to retain our recommended hires at a rate of 94%. Nonetheless, we offer free replacement services for selected candidates, for a period of 30 days after hiring.

3. What is your hiring process like? 

Our hiring process has been streamlined to make it quick, efficient and remove any time consuming bottlenecks. We start by developing an in-depth understanding of our client’s needs where we expect the company to whole-heartedly contribute for the best outcome. This is followed by sourcing the best candidates through multiple channels, interviewing and testing them and presenting a curated shortlist. After this, we work with the client to select the best employee.

4. How much time does Primo take to fill a position? 

We don’t let overlong interviews put a break on our client’s business. Our average time to fill an open position is between 14-22 days, depending on the complexity of the requirements. This is much shorter than the 39 day industry average time to hire that companies take to close a vacancy.  

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Examples Of Our Successful Candidate Searches In Gurgaon

In one assignment, our team at Primo was required to find a Senior Safety Officer for a non-governmental organisation in Gurgaon. The client required the employee to supervise staff and manage the facility independently. They also specifically demanded the candidate to be fluent in English and hold an electrical engineering degree from a Tier I college.

The specifications in this candidate search were complex since many officers had a comprehensive job history of working in the safety department but did not possess the required degree in the field. Additionally, the client required the officer to be able to single-handedly conduct investigations of all accidents and near-misses.

Our team worked through the challenge with help from advanced technological sourcing systems and proprietary testing mechanisms to arrive at a satisfactory shortlist of 9 candidates for the client. We closed the position in 13 days.

In another complex project, Primo helped a major construction company with a very specific request: finding a sales manager with 10+ years of experience in liaising with municipal corporations. There were two crucial points in this candidate search.

First, finding candidates with B2B sales experience with municipal authorities, not just any government or public office. And second, shortlisting only those select few who were married and willing to relocate with their family, as and when required by the client.

Our team extensively sourced candidates through multiple channels for over 6 days and came up with a shortlist of high caliber individuals, each satisfying the 3 core priorities we had set out. The client, having made the call on hiring one of the best sales executives available in the industry today, continues to be our recruiting partner.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Primo has made our task of finding good employees much easier and quick! Our average hiring time has reduced from over a month to just about 2 weeks. They’re definitely our go to placement agency in Gurgaon.


– CEO of a leading industrial safety equipment manufacturing MNC

I recommend Primo Hiring Solutions to any business looking to hire for their marketing or sales team in Gurgaon. It’s always very easy to talk to their recruiters and coordinate interviews, meetings and remuneration.


– HR Manager of a VC funded EdTech startup in Gurgaon

Primo now hires for all our branches across India. They’ve already filled 7 positions for us. They understand our needs very well and are able to find perfect people for very challenging positions also.


– Operations Head of a luxury hotel chain in India

Our CSR Activities in Gurgaon

As recruitment consultants, our activities don’t just fill jobs, but impact human lives.

We want to be good corporate and global citizens, and so we have realised our obligation to the communities in which we live and work.

Socially responsible policies

Primo Hiring Solutions is committed to conducting business at the highest ethical standards. We don’t just strive to provide customized solutions that exceed client expectations, but also create a positive social and environmental impact.

As a recruitment company Primo Hiring respects each individual’s race, gender, sexual orientation, physical abilities and the environment by outlining principles of good environmental practice like a paperless work culture.

Skilling and guiding future talent

Through our career counselling arm, we also guide young professionals and freshers on important issues like which career is best suited to them and how they can use their energy in making life worthwhile for themselves. Additionally, to bridge the wide skills gap in needs of various industries and the available workforce, our placement consultancy also promotes vocational training for the youth and regularly invests in them by offering career services.

Outplacement services

Not just this, our manpower agency in Gurgaon is committed to providing outplacement services to the bulk of the workforce, that is displaced by the massive IT and engineering layoffs, free of charge.

Information on Hiring in Gurgaon

For Companies: Labor Market in Gurgaon

In a time when companies are finding it exceedingly tough to attract and retain employees,  candidates in Gurgaon offer potential like no other city in the country. Gurgaon has emerged as India’s outsourcing hub, where numerous multinational corporations have built their India headquarters.

A horde of young candidates with industry specific diplomas, degrees and superior qualifications like BBA are available to companies and recruitment consultants in the city for even entry level positions, because of the close proximity of the city to colleges under the Delhi University and JNU, which collectively produce more than 60,000 graduates and postgraduates every year.

Not just this, rapid migration to Gurgaon from lesser developed nearby cities like Alwar, Sonipat, Ghaziabad, Meerut, Faridabad, Karnal, etc., keeps the talent pipeline filled, though it does take the careful eye of a recruiter to spot the star in the sawdust.

Another advantage that companies can enjoy from hiring in Gurgaon is the absence of a language or cultural barrier. The majority of the workforce in the city can converse in basic English and are open to adapting to corporate trends like being interviewed on social media for a job, as practised by multiple placement consultants today.

The city of Gurgaon is suited to the needs of both startups and MNCs as the former can benefit from the development of peripheral industries and the latter, from a pooled labor market. In the presence of placement agencies, labor shortages is just a temporary phenomenon and the city today resembles investment banking and financial clusters in New York and London.

With the increased flexibility to hire and fire for businesses due to the recently made amendments to labour laws, it is likely that Gurgaon will rise further in employer’s list of preferred business locations.

For Candidates: Job Prospects in Gurgaon

In India’s optimistic job market, Gurgaon is one of the best cities to start your career, with an annual employment growth rate of 11%! While cities like Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata, Mumbai, etc., have always attracted firms and industries, of late, companies are increasing their hiring activities in the hub of Gurgaon.  

Gurgaon thrives with e-commerce giants, which are witnessing a rapid ramping up of workforce across various functions, particularly engineering, technology and product based roles, say placement agencies.

What’s more, with the wave of digitisation, finance and brokerage multinational firms, which are plenty in Gurgaon are expected to come up with more investment and hiring opportunities.

It is predicted by the National Skill Development Corporation that more than 28 million workers will be required in sectors like transportation, logistics, warehousing and packaging by 2022 with the rise in mega-infrastructure projects and growth of FMCG industry. Interestingly, Gurgaon houses 200+ such companies which also give business to specialised suppliers and recruitment consultants, such that slump in hiring demand by one company is often offset by rise in other.

Not just this, auto components and electronics industries which have their exporting subsidiaries in Gurgaon are also demanding workforce for production plants that serve Indian and global markets. Recruiters from manpower agencies say that these electronics and capital goods firms are good for employees, since they offer scope for in-house training to professionals as technological changes in this industry are quick to take place.

On the whole, the jobs that show the highest potential for absorbing talent are those of software developers, creative and multimedia professionals, online sales and marketing professionals, writers, translators and data entry operators and it will be a good bet to opt for skill enhancement in these areas, and Gurgaon, with its venture-backed startup culture offers a huge scope for employment in these areas.

How Does Primo Hiring Help Your Company?

Focus only on your core business.

Outsourcing is the rule of corporate world today. After partnering with us, you can focus on what you do best while our agency puts your hiring process on track.

Save upto 80% time.

Screening thousands of resumes and interviewing hundreds of people is no easy feat (for those who haven’t mastered this art). We have.

Build relations to lower future time to hire.

Our hands-on approach to understand the deeper issues of your business and job requirements ensure that only the most fitting employee is picked from the lot.

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