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How can our services help you?

Primo is a leading career counselling service provider in the New Delhi region.

Our services are driven by our expert understanding of human psychology that makes us observe and uncover a candidate’s strength and desires. We use a unique mix of assessments and psychological interventions to help students and professionals discover the career best suited to their personality.

Having served over 28 schools and 1500+ students in the Delhi NCR area, our extremely comprehensive and accurate career guidance services will help you find the ideal career for yourself.

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career counselling services in delhi

What does career counselling mean?

Career counselling is the process of identifying your latent skills and talents and matching those with an appropriate career.

It can also mean going through processes like mock interviews to prepare yourself to succeed in these crucial face-to-face interactions.

Another aspect of career coaching is educating the candidate about the relevant skills he will need to excel in a job, internship or educational platform.

Who needs it?

Einstein famously said,” Don’t judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree.”

Anyone who wants to voice his doubts, queries or confusion to a career expert can avail career counselling. A good career advisor will listen to a student’s needs and help him discover a career that best matches his talents and desires.

Are you confused about deciding which stream to pursue after grade 10? Is the decision between prioritising course or college not letting you sleep? Or are you trying to find out where your true calling in life lies? Is your mind split in deciding which course to study after you finish your 12th? If the answer to any of these questions is a yes, then you can definitely benefit from the services of a career consultant and give a rest to the storms in your mind.

Every student needs a personal career counsellor who can help the student identify a career matching with his strengths. Just like a fast bowler can’t do ballet dancing, and a C++ expert may not be able to negotiate his way out of a deal, your personality is suited for a particular career where you have the greatest chance to excel. Career counsellors help you reach this end. They are equipped with psychological insight and years of experience in working with students to back their advice.

What are the goals of this process?

The primary goal of career counselling is to help a student get clarity about his latent skills and talents and subsequently identify careers that match with those skills and talents.

Doing this is not an easy feat as we are basically trying to unearth a person’s innate abilities by an external observer. The other important goal is to keep the professional motivated in his job or internship search.

career counsellor session with a student in delhi

How is it beneficial for me?

Career counselling sessions are simple ways to get more clarity on which career path is the right for you.
It is beneficial for every professional or student to register for career counselling so that he knows the field he can be the best in and how to optimally use his energy to get there.

If you are unsure about which of your skills are the most dominant and which areas you lack in, career guidance will do you good.

Counsellors at Primo delineate every candidate’s strength and weakness to make sure that the professional does not waste his energy in straying into fields that he won’t enjoy.

Once a professional knows his strengths, both in terms of skill and personality, he can use that to his advantage while looking for a career or job.

Career guidance at Primo is a two way process. If you have been actively trying to find the right career for yourself, you will naturally have a of of questions that need answers.

In counselling, advisors will help you get solutions for these queries and these sessions will dispel your doubts, like whether you should choose profession A over B or if job offer S is more rewarding or T or whether course X is more recognized than Y.

Additionally, our experts are trained to pay close attention to the progress you make in interviews and tests so they can provide you with timely recommendations to improve your competence.

A career counsellor can develop an action plan for the professional or student. He can help a candidate channel his inner confidence and believe in his abilities by using psychological techniques.

If your problem is the inability to find the best openings in limited time and optimally apply to them, a good career coach can educate you with time management skills and measures to enhance your productivity, which are critical for success today.

Job openings, college forms and internship vacancies, all have a deadline. If you aren’t made aware of the golden opportunities at the right time, you will miss the train to your success.

Career counsellors at Primo meticulously track the trends in the job market to make professionals aware of the exciting new openings. They keep an eye out for new industrial developments and upcoming economic sectors that are likely to become porous for employment in future.

Additionally, signing up with placement consultants to be informed of the upcoming job opportunities allows you to get practical exposure of the field that seems the most suitable out of the counselling process.

Why use Primo for counselling services?

At Primo, our career advisors make a sincere effort to actively listen to problems that the professional is facing in his career search. If you need to get your job search on the right track, rely on us to make your search easy and organised.

As the leading career counselling services in New Delhi, we have worked with more than 28 schools in the New Delhi area, and have consulted 1500+ students located in and around Delhi.

3 Step Process - Assessment, Shortlisting, Personal Consultation

We have tested our career counselling process multiple times to make it professional-friendly and reliable.


Our action plan begins with a skill and attitude based assessment. This test has been created by psychology and HR experts at Primo to gauge an applicant’s inclination and potential for different types of employment sectors. After students and professionals take this test, our career consultants carefully study each applicant’s results.


Next step is examining whether the interests of the applicant align with his capability. Students and professionals then get a set of shortlisted vocations and career sectors that are best suited for them, based on their strengths and desires.


To discuss and interpret these results, our career coaches then organise a personal consultation with the professional. As an applicant you can voice all your confusion and queries at this stage of the process. The career counsellor and the student then formulate an action plan and work to carry it forward.

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Tests and Techniques Used

The short answer to how we are able to process these advantageous results is because of our expertise in psychometrics. Our team of career counsellors use multiple parameters to establish beyond doubt that the results exactly identify with the applicant.

These parameters are:

To see whether you’ll enjoy an artistic career more or an enterprising one, or a social, conventional or investigative one.

To ascertain the work environment that will bring you the greatest happiness, in differing levels of challenges, money, relationships, respect, freedom, working conditions and stability.

To match your suitability in terms of spontaneity, innovativity, assertiveness, sociability, stress tolerance and independence to the demands of different professions.

To assess your verbal, communication, spatial, reasoning, attention, judgement, psychomotor, numerical and management capabilities.

What about career coaching session for professionals?

In our guidance session for professionals, our actions are guided by two main motives. First, we want to identify any constraints that may apply for your choice of career. This could be things like geographical limitations, your qualification and family responsibilities. Second, we want to uncover your ambitions. Before you get on the path of your dream career, it’s important that you know whether you want a single job for the rest of your life or have the option to change careers or whether you want to set up your own business later in life. Even knowing things like when you wish to start a family or settle down are crucial.

We know by experience that certain jobs are inherently more enjoyable than others. But another truth that guides our counselling sessions is that the difference in a job profile and your personality profile, if large, even if the job is generally considered enjoyable can mean unhappiness and dissatisfaction. Human temperaments differ and it is precisely this gap in personalities and profiles that we aim to bridge to find the best career path for you.

What parts of Delhi do you provide services in?

Primo provides services to students across the Delhi National Capital Area (NCR). We have worked with leading schools as well professionals in New Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad and Faridabad. In addition to providing counselling services in Delhi, Primo has also worked with professionals and schools across North India.

How is Primo different than other Career advisors in New Delhi?

We follow a personalised approach so that every student or professional can clear his doubts and explore all his options with us. Our one-on-one advisory sessions provide aspirants clarity on what they really want to do ahead in their future.

We have a proprietary mix of career counselling assessments that our consultants use to back their guidance, and other behavioral testing techniques to identify the most suitable career for our students.

To offer students and professionals a thorough analysis, we ensure that our career counsellors keep themselves updated with all the latest development in various professions and upcoming trends in the job market and employment. All this helps us guide our students to the best directions for all their career related queries.

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